How does it work a task called reverse task

A common task in the electric motor is the reversed task, which is the one capable of converting the movement of energy through a dynamo, and in many cases these devices as the dynamo and generator, they are different only in their application and differ also a few small details in its construction. mro supply baldor pieces

The electric motors which are called traction motor, generally are used in locomotives and they perform more often both tasks, provided that the locomotive is then equipped with dynamic brakes, the trucks that are called electro diesel also use this type of application that’s when these trucks are circulating outside the stay, ie trucks that need more traction and need more power to run.

All electric traction motors, need some care because they cannot be exposed to time and in any way may suffer some water intervention. For its components burn easily and are not easy to change, so if some part broke, all electric motor has to be exchanged.

When you decide to learn about engines

All in day to day use various equipment containing some kind of electric motor, whether electric mixer, washing machine, mixer among others, and always one of them will have problems, so it’s good that you pay attention to some things before opening its equipment, for example:

1- Check if the motor voltage is nominal, multiple

2- Power Frequency, if multiple, nominal or if the device has multiple frequency.

3- See insulating materials and insulating system

4- The thermal classes

5- feature the power supply and the complete system, whether it is three-phase or single-phase, and see the power of this engine

6- How to start the engine in different frequency, and know the limitation of the starting current, if they are straightforward, with key triangle, with return key, auto transformer, key parallel series, electronic starting or soft starter.

7- Comparison between the keys, star, triangle and automatic. more here

8- direction induction motors and rotation

9. Know the acceleration characteristics combined with the conjugate curve and speed